Indian Air Force maneuvers in France, Sukhoi showcased with Rafael


Fighter aircraft Rafael is preparing to come to India from France. Earlier this time, the strength of the Indian Army was being tried by its strength. In France, ‘Aajatak’ team took stock of Rafael’s temper by visiting Ground Zero, where Rafale and Sukhoi 30’s rhyme surprised everyone.

Now this pair is going to increase the power of Hindustan manifold multiplied by this. The biggest maneuvers in the world of Mon de Marsh is going on between France and India. In the Garuda maneuvers, both the air force of the two countries tested their strength at a large scale. France and the Indian Army’s Jambangz pilots have maneuvered by riding in Rafael and Sukhoi. During the Garuda maneuvers, Air Marshal RKS Bhadauriya, Deputy Chief of the IAF, flew the Rafael fighter plane himself.


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